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UK2 Group is a global collective of web hosting brands. With two decades of experience in the online sphere, we empower businesses worldwide to achieve professional excellence online, from budding startups to technology giants.


Our premium hosting brand where personal service, industry-leading response times and superior performance ensure we are always recommended by our customers.

Since 1998 WestHost has focussed on its’ clients and their needs, helping thousands of businesses world-wide become more successful, efficient, and competitive online.

WestHost recognises the importance of providing Real Support to its’ customers 24/7. Each employee undergoes extensive vetting and training before joining the WestHost Real Support team, ensuring only the highest levels of service are good enough.

Based at our Providence, Utah (USA) office the WestHost staff contribute to charitable initiatives both locally and farther afield.


The WESTHOST product portfolio includes:

WESTHOST Customer Reviews

Here are just a couple reviews WESTHOST has been given by their many satisfied customers:

  • I am a long, long time Westhost user and have brought and managed many clients to you folks over the years. As such, I have spoken to your tech support many times and have always found your reps to be courteous, well-informed, and when they did not know the answer they did not fudge or guess - they have always been wise enough to say "Let me find out."

    Today, I called in related to a client I have with you regarding to restoring the path to their email accounts in the newer chi interface, knowing a reset was required to get to them since the old cp login.

    Garrett was the rep I got and he lived up to the standards I have come to expect - patient, focused, and intent on getting things right the first time. We got to the solution I needed and all went perfectly. He is a fine addition to your team and I simply wanted to let you know.

    Jerry Gelb - JGTech

WESTHOST believe that customers are the core of every business and look forward to welcoming you on board.