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UK2 Group is a global collective of web hosting brands. With two decades of experience in the online sphere, we empower businesses worldwide to achieve professional excellence online, from budding startups to technology giants.


VPS.NET has simplified the process of virtual private server cloud hosting by making it available and affordable for everyone.

Our virtual private servers offer features such as self-healing, high availability and instant upgrade/downgrade flexibility, all on a monthly commitment, no lengthy contracts and no confusing invoices that require a Ph.D in economics to decipher.


The VPS.NET product portfolio includes:

VPS.NET Customer Reviews

Here are just a couple reviews VPS.NET has been given by their many satisfied customers:

  • We were having database problems due to a very large table - and over a couple of days received excellent help from VPS support. Especially Swede was very helpful and very fast to answer. We are extremely happy to have VPS hosting and support us - it makes our work much easier.

    Carl Williams -

VPS.NET believe that customers are the core of every business and look forward to welcoming you on board.