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Net Neutrality – What It Means For You And Your Site

27 Feb. 2015The FCC has approved strict new rules for net neutrality. How will this affect your site in the future? On February 26, the FCC approved a new set of rules to maintain net neutrality. The FCC, or Federal Communications Commision, regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable in all 50 … Continue reading

Save Up To 64% On .com & .net Domains!

27 Feb. 2015

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Grab a domain bargain for a limited time only….. Starting a new business means quite a few important steps to establish your brand. With 100,000 businesses have been already set up this year alone, according to Startup Britain’s Startup Tracker, and half of all startups failing within their first three years, reaching as wide an...

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Google Warnings for Sites Containing Harmful Downloads

27 Feb. 2015Google has released a new security feature to alert you when you might be attempting to view sites that contain malicious downloads. Read more for details… We all have that one friend who needs their computer “fixed” every time you visit. When you look at the computer it’s not actually broken, just infected with hundreds...

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9 Ways To Make Your Friday Productive

27 Feb. 2015The weekend is almost in sight, yet you still have one more day of work. How can you make the most of it? As early as 3:00 in the afternoon on Fridays, millions excitingly log out of their computers and head home for the weekend. A grueling work week has finally come to an end. … Continue reading

How To Turn Pageviews Into Conversions

26 Feb. 2015You’re able to attract visitors to your website, but why don’t your customers follow through and click your “Purchase Now” button? Your online business is set up for success. You have a well-designed site that is interactive and contains all the information your potential client needs in order to sign up for your services. Your … Continue reading

What You Need To Know About DDoS Attacks

26 Feb. 2015Cyber attacks have been on everyone’s minds as of late, from the everyday user to President Obama. Here is everything you need to know about DDoS attacks to help you prepare for the worst. Downtime: it happens. Hopefully the cause is a rare, non-threatening power outage rather than hardware failure or a cyber attack. In...

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The End Is Nigh For Windows 2003

26 Feb. 2015

The end is coming for Windows Server 2003, are you ready? The end of life for Windows Server 2003 is coming, and if you or your client is one of the 23.8 million instances of Windows Server 2003 still running … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Ecommerce Might Be Perfect for You

25 Feb. 2015We’ve all dreamt of being our own bosses, giving up the 9 to 5 rat race to chase our dreams. Here are 5 reasons why ecommerce might be perfect for you and how Midphase can help. There are hundreds of options for the athome startup business. From accounting to novelty crafts, hundreds of people each...

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Professional Sports Teams And Their Domain Names

25 Feb. 2015The Texas Rangers just bought for $375,000. What other professional sports teams are missing out on the domain they want? Professional sports is one of the biggest industries in the US. In the NBA, each team is averaged to be worth over $1.1 billion. A step up from that is the NFL which has … Continue reading

Happy New Year Of The Sheep!

25 Feb. 2015

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Last week the Chinese Year of the Sheep was rung in with celebrations around the globe… The heart of London was overrun with the spirit of celebration last week as the celebrations for the Year of the Sheep took to the streets. The largest of Chinese New Year celebrations in the UK, the celebrations in...

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A Board Game Of Thrones

25 Feb. 2015

Ever wanted to be the Lord of Casterly Rock and sing The Rains of Castamere? Well the opportunity might just be round the corner… Here at VPS.NET we’re not ashamed to say that we’re geeks. We have an office calendar … Continue reading

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Internet’s Saving The Radio Star

24 Feb. 2015Gimlet is a startup that is gambling on podcasting becoming big business… “Video Killed The Radio Star”, the Buggles sang to the world in their ‘70s hit. That was a time when the TV screen seemed the obvious media choice for the future, but we’re now living in a media landscape far more diverse than...

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Cloud Expo Europe: Come Along!

24 Feb. 2015

In just a couple of weeks, Cloud Expo Europe will be hitting London in a big way, and we’re going along. On both the 11th and 12th March 2015 the cloud will be well and truly taking over London, with … Continue reading

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What Could New Encryption Laws Mean For Our Online Security?

24 Feb. 2015

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

What do the proposed new encryption laws mean for the future of the ‘net? We did some research to find out… Encryption is a part of the global landscape; the Internet wouldn’t function without it and neither would ecommerce. Outside of the need to protect your financial and personal data from criminals and snoopers, freedom...

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HTTP/2 Is Finally Finished!

23 Feb. 2015Faster loading speeds, longer connections, better response times and more are waiting for you with the long-awaited release of HTTP/2. Goodbye HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1. Hello HTTP/2! The Internet Engineering Task Force’s HTTP Working Group announced that they have finalized their work on Hypertext Transfer Protocol 2. If you are wondering what in the world I’m...

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The Internet Of Things – What It Means To Us

23 Feb. 2015What can we expect from the Internet of Things? Will everything eventually be a “smart” device? Imagine a world where you could access your refrigerator from your smartphone while you’re at the grocery store and know exactly what is inside. Think about a world where every time you lose your car keys, you just go … Continue reading

A Game Of Dragons

23 Feb. 2015

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Some valuable advice for those entering the Dragon’s Den… Over the past few years my social life has diminished to the point where I end up sitting in front of the TV with 900 channels of mind anaesthetic to peruse. On Sunday nights, however, I know exactly what channel I’m in need of. I get...

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How to Become A Morning Person…

20 Feb. 2015Has your snooze button became your best friend/worst enemy? If so, here is a simple guide on how to become an early riser and like it! How to know if you are not a morning person: Do you cringe when you hear your alarm tone as someone else’s ringtone? Do you set aside a few...

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Facebook Releases New Dynamic Product Ads

20 Feb. 2015Find out how Facebook’s newly available advertising is changing the way companies promote their individual products. Facebook continues to revolutionize how companies market their products. On February 17 Facebook announced new Product Ads. This new method of advertising will allow companies to present their individual products to a more concise audience. Previously, businesses struggled to … Continue reading

Going Beyond The Cloud

20 Feb. 2015

Is the cloud heading into the stratosphere? When we talk about storing data in the cloud, the majority of us are aware that we’re speaking figuratively. The cloud, for all its other-worldly technological abilities, remains firmly attached to our small … Continue reading

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