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The Secrets of the Share Button

24 Jul. 2014The reasons why videos go viral was a mystery for years, but now analysts are starting to find a formula for what makes people pass content on…   It seems pretty random but it’s not – there’s a reason why that one video of a cat in a box, or that man gushing over a...

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Keeping Up With The Joneses – Web Address Style

24 Jul. 2014

Apple, Chanel, Walmart and Coke are all getting up to speed with the new generation of web addresses. Are you? Since the start of the year, the Internet has been full of stories about the way the online landscape is transforming. In January, a new range of web address endings were released for sale, as...

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Renewing Domain Names: A Lesson From Sony

23 Jul. 2014No-one’s immune from domain name expiration – not even big companies like Sony. Here’s how to avoid it… Renewing your domain name is an easy process. In fact, you can set it up, so renewal is automatic. Yet, thousands of web address names are left to expire every month, by mistake. Last week, mega entertainment...

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What Is Open Source?

23 Jul. 2014

Neil Cumins explains what open source is and explores where it came from… If you’ve ever had to squint at a 25-digit alphanumeric product key printed in italics against a holographic background, you will appreciate how seriously some companies view the use of their computer software. From single-use licences to programs that will only run...

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No Prizes for Second Place

22 Jul. 2014When it comes to buying the perfect web address, you need to get in quick… At the start of the year, a whole new range of web address endings was released onto the Internet as alternatives to the rapidly selling-out .coms and .us’s that have existed since 1985. Over the past months, everything from .ninja...

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Headline News

22 Jul. 2014

ICANN uncovers fraudulent domain certificate scam… Last week, ICANN, the global overseers of Internet web addresses announced that a new scam was taking place on the Internet, involving fraudulent domain name certificates. Details of the scam were sent out to ICANN’s email list and posted on their blog. “It has been brought to ICANN’s attention...

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The Anatomy of a Server

22 Jul. 2014A server shares a lot of physical similarities with the computer on your desk and even the laptop you carry around.  A few components are different in design to what you may find in a home PC, though. If you … Continue reading

The Five Senses of Web Design

21 Jul. 2014A picture is worth a thousand words, but what does that mean for your website? Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words, but did you know that images are processed 60,000 times faster than text in the human brain? If used correctly, the images on your website can have more of an...

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The Pop-Up Era – Part 2

21 Jul. 2014

Last week, we did a little digging into the pop-up phenomenon. This week, we look into the secrets behind pop-up success… After three years running pop-up news website London Pop -ups, and amassing 38.2 thousand followers on twitter, Dan Calladine has seen more than his fair share of pop-up success stories. In this interview, UK2...

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Win A Samsung 840 EVO 1TB SSD on SysAdmin Day

21 Jul. 2014To celebrate SysAdmin Day, are launching a confessional competition... They might not have a uniform or a flashing siren of their own, but in today’s technological world, the IT team are the fourth emergency service. They’re the first on … Continue reading

Expert Insights: Matt Verity – King of Hearts

18 Jul. 2014

Mark Bonington speaks to Matt Verity, co-founder of new dating app TrueView – set to revolutionise the way we connect online. Walking into the trendy offices of TrueView in East London, you would be forgiven for thinking the layout is more suited to an art studio than the HQ of London’s hottest new dating app....

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Understanding Account Limits – High Loads

18 Jul. 2014“Dear valued customer, Recently your account has been noted as causing a high load on the shared server.” If you’ve ever received a message such as this one, you’re probably familiar with the panic they may cause. Web hosting from a shared server is an excellent way to manage your web content at a low … Continue reading

Privacy and Security: Maintaining the Appropriate Balance

18 Jul. 2014UK2 Group’s Director of Human Resources, Brian Chambers, talks about privacy and data protection… Is your personal information secured and safe from the tens of thousands of online hackers and ‘bad guys’ around the globe looking to uncover your financial or banking information? Does the NSA and other government agencies from various countries pry into...

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From Furbies to Flashmobs: An Overview of Viral

17 Jul. 2014

Neil Cumins explains what viral marketing is and questions where it’s going in the future… Trying to follow trends in online marketing can feel a bit like sharing the house with a teenager. Language constantly morphs into new and ever-more incomprehensible terminology, and something that was recently at the cutting-edge of cool can quickly become...

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We Heart .NYC

17 Jul. 2014What’s not to love about the city that sells chorizo ice cream and keeps Einstein’s eyeballs in a safety deposit box? Exactly. That’s why, in October, .NYC will be the apple of the Internet’s eye… New York. Frank Sinatra famously sang that if you could make it there, you could make it anywhere. Almost 40...

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The Disappearing Internet

17 Jul. 2014The Internet isn’t as invincible as you might think, discovers Jessica Furseth... Does information last forever on the Internet? It certainly seemed that way to the Spanish man who took his case to the courts earlier this year, arguing that … Continue reading

Behind The Scenes of a Website Part Three – Networking

16 Jul. 2014Hayden Smith explains the jargon of networking... Something you can't escape from once you start running a server is networking. Whilst, with shared hosting the underlying nature of the network is hidden from you by sysadmins and support teams, in … Continue reading

The Robo Paul Retrospective

15 Jul. 2014Now the World Cup is over, VPS looks back over the predictions of Robo Paul… Last night, Germany raised the World Cup as champions of the 2014 tournament. At VPS, we weren’t surprised. Not only because Germany had knocked the … Continue reading

An Open Book

14 Jul. 2014Neil Cumins delivers a potted history of Umbraco... In the ten years since Danish programmer Niels Hartvig unveiled Umbraco, his open-source CMS system has already become a global phenomenon. Today, it’s estimated that 250,000 sites around the world utilise this … Continue reading

Around The World In 80 New TLDs.

09 Jul. 2014The way you’ll sell location domains to customers will differ slightly to the way you sell others. Here’s why… A new world map is emerging onto the Internet. It’s made up of new gTLDs. .uk is already on sale, and pre-registrations will soon be taken for .london and .nyc. Around 76 of the new gTLDs … Continue reading