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At War With The Pink Bunny

21 Nov. 2014

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

The battle for the most risqué .london domain is on… Throughout life, we all come face to face with the Playboy brand on some level. Starting out as a men’s lifestyle magazine, Playboy was first published in 1953, having been founded by the now (in)famous Hugh Hefner. Today, Playboy Enterprises, Inc. is a global empire,...

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Reaching For The Cloud

21 Nov. 2014

Cloud is everywhere, and not just in the sky. The last few years have seen an explosion in cloud services such as Cloud Sites, Cloud Servers and Cloud hosting offered by The term seems to have come from almost … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality And Obama’s ‘Plan For A Free And Open Internet’

20 Nov. 2014Are all websites created equal? Or should mega-sites be able to pay their way to easy access? President Obama details his own opinions on net neutrality in his ‘Plan for a Free and Open Internet’. What does this mean for internet users and what can we expect in the future of web traffic? Over 4...

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Google

20 Nov. 2014

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Google’s answer to Douglas Adams’ Babelfish is lurking just around the corner… In Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy it took the application of a small fish into the ear for Arthur Dent to understand the different languages of the Universe. It is unfortunate for all of us that we don’t possess a Babelfish...

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What Is A Hypervisor?

20 Nov. 2014

Something you will likely hear a lot about when accessing information regarding Virtual Private Servers (VPS) is the term ‘hypervisor’.  So what is one and what does it do? Firstly, let’s have a brief look at how server virtualisation works. … Continue reading

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Getting Up Close And Personal With Your Brand

19 Nov. 2014

In the midst of the digital boom, it can be easy for some brands to sink beneath the murky waters of the saturated market. Knowing your brand DNA can go a long way to making sure you stay afloat… As … Continue reading

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Windows 8.1 Cheat Sheet

18 Nov. 2014

Posted by Grant McMaster

Tackle Windows 8 head-on with these shortcuts. Windows 8 brought a lot of changes to the familiar Windows operating system, many of which upset a lot of users. Windows 8.1, released a mere 12 months after Windows 8, made its appearance and brought back many of the features that people missed in Windows 8, but...

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The Power Of Viral

17 Nov. 2014What can we learn from #AlexFromTarget? Who is #AlexFromTarget? It’s hard to tell because it all happened so fast, but apparently it began when some teenage girls from Texas tweeted a photo of a cute boy working at the retailer Target. For reasons we may never understand, the photo went viral, and what seemed like...

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Tech Stress Busters

17 Nov. 2014

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

It’s time to leave stress at the door with these techie angst-busters… All work is stressful. When setting out in business, it can feel like you’re being pulled from pillar to post, trying to be in 10 places at once as you get things up and running. Research from the American Institute of Stress has...

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.nyc For the Win!

14 Nov. 2014As of November 3rd, the Top Level Domain .nyc has taken the lead over .london in total domain registrations. With over 48,000 domains registered, .nyc is taking it to the top! 8.4 million residents of New York City can’t be wrong. They all know that New York, New York is where it’s at. They also...

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Evolving Technology And Your Virtual Office

14 Nov. 2014

Posted by Grant McMaster

Technology is adapting to accommodate virtual offices… Our digital age has a tendency to see professionals working and collaborating from places that would have been impossible even twenty years ago. Wifi, cloud computing, flexitime and telecommuting all bring with them an increase in productivity, creativity and flexible working practices, but the work still has to...

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Ten Tricks for Microsoft Word

13 Nov. 2014Get up-close and personal with the world’s favourite Word Processor… Words form the basis of the internet. For many people the use of a word processor in their daily life is an inescapable fact, and a welcome one if you’ve ever used a typewriter. Here are five shortcuts to make formatting a word document far...

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A New Alliance: We’ve Teamed Up With Barnardo’s And Raspberry Pi

13 Nov. 2014

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Working together to help others is one of life’s greatest virtues… Recently we partnered up with the guys at Barnardo’s and Raspberry Pi to do just that: lend a helping hand to the youth local to our area who are less equipped educationally. As a corporate group, we feel that our responsibility lies in contributing...

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The Journey Of The Written Word: Next Stop Digital

12 Nov. 2014In the digital age, what will become of the beloved printed word? Amazon and other digital publishers are changing the global stage on publishing by ousting conventional publishing houses and making no apologies for doing so. Everyone has heard of Amazon, the magical company that began life in 1994 as ‘’ before founder Jeff Bezon...

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What Is Social Selling?

11 Nov. 2014Madeleine Bruce looks at how global conversation could be the key to conversions in a who, what, when, where and why of social selling. What is social selling? Trade makes the world go round. If you were to follow the sun around the world, you’d see that humanity the world over speaks one universal language:...

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So, Just What Is A BotNet?

05 Nov. 2014

Hayden Smith explains the concept of a BotNet and what they mean for computer security... Continue reading

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Easy USB Virus Scanning

04 Nov. 2014

Grant McMaster explains the USB approach to file recovery... Continue reading

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The Anatomy Of A Website

28 Oct. 2014

Hayden Smith deconstructs the typical webpage... Continue reading

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Let .website, .press, and .host work for you

26 Sep. 2014Pique your clients’ imagination with these three new domains… Last week, three new game-changing domains were released onto the Internet. Use them to enhance your clients’ portfolios or to help them launch their businesses into the digital space. .website This domain is the first real alternative to .com. There are no boundaries or limits for … Continue reading

How to Guide: Podcasting from WordPress

22 Sep. 2014Kelly Kirkham serves up a quick-fire guide to podcasting, including equipment, software, and style tips… Looking for an inexpensive way to reach out to your customers and maybe attract more? Posting podcasts from your blog is an easy and efficient way to engage with your audience and promote some traffic. Anyway, who doesn’t want to … Continue reading