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In Da .Club

01 Sep. 2014Sales of .club hit 100,000 this week, making it one of the most popular new web address endings on the Web. Take… 1 inventive web address ending 1 super rap star promotion 1 up and coming pop star ‘singing’ praises 2-5 dozen club events Mix together and spread evenly across the globe. Let bake for...

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Crash Course in Influencer Marketing

29 Aug. 2014What is influencer marketing and how do you get it right? When you start your own business, marketing isn’t always at the top of your to-do list. In fact, it’s often buried underneath setting up the legal side of things, finding suppliers, and sorting out your finances. Then, as time goes by, other priorities fill … Continue reading

The Battle For The Slightly More Modern, Digitized Holy Grail Begins…

29 Aug. 2014Is about to become the most expensive domain ever sold? The rise of the search engine as a primary website portal may leave some with doubts about the importance of a domain name. These doubts would seem well founded, as the ever-changing Internet of Things has evolved the way in which we access content. … Continue reading

What Google Exact Match Adword Changes Mean For Your Business

29 Aug. 2014In September Google will be making some changes to the way AdWords works. So what should you do about it? It’s no secret that Google is big; really big. In 2013, the search engine’s total revenues for the year amounted to around $55 billion dollars.What you might not know is that a generous proportion of...

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Friday Inspiration Station

29 Aug. 2014

Lacking marketing inspiration at the end of the week? Pep yourself up by taking a look at what these guys are doing… When it comes to marketing your brand, it’s easy to feel dwarfed by those big brands with the flashy, funky ad campaigns and their big-budget-branding. Don’t be discouraged! A bit of creative flare...

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IT Intermission Of The Week

29 Aug. 2014

Had your fill of machines and tech for one week? Kelly Kirkham turns it off but not on again with this trip down low-tech lane... Did you know that the average American spends 7.4 hours a day staring at a … Continue reading

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What Is Beacon Marketing?

28 Aug. 2014

How can beacon marketing benefit your business? If you’ve been reading the papers or watching Newsnight this week, you might have heard about beacon marketing. It’s hit the headlines because some commentators are speculating that it’s a little too close to Big Brother for comfort. Marketers, meanwhile, are singing its praises, suggesting it’s the next...

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7 Tips for a Great Business Blog

28 Aug. 2014How to create a business blog that brings home the bacon… Depending which study you read, you’ll discover that adding a blog page to your business website can increase website traffic by as much as 55 percent. Which is all well and good. But what do you actually do with a business blog once you’ve...

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2034: D Day for Cyber Crime?

28 Aug. 2014

Will the advent of quantum computers and quantum encryption call time on Cybercrime? Is the Internet getting less safe? If you read Internet blogs and news reports regularly, you’ll often come across a doomsdayer commenting on the state of cyber … Continue reading

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How To Create Sponsored Content that Delivers

27 Aug. 2014Kelly Kirkham puts sponsored content under the microscope and reveals the top tips for creating content that really works… Sponsored content has been a hot topic in the news lately and has been heavily disputed by big names such as John Oliver from HBO, as well as major publications like the Wall Street Journal. If...

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The Lovelace Phenomenon

27 Aug. 2014

  Sarah Holt asks whether the sea change is finally coming for women in technology... Have you heard of the Lovelace Phenomenon? Our guess is, no. If you have, then you’ve either been doing your homework or looking into a … Continue reading

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World Domain Day Facts

27 Aug. 2014

In recognition of World Domain Day, we deliver a bit of domain trivia… This week, we’re celebrating World Domain Day in the UK2 offices. We’ve got out the party poppers and put in an order for an extra tray of donuts in lieu of the International occasion that took place officially on Sunday. The domain...

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How To Win In CV Season

26 Aug. 2014Kelly Kirkham discovers some of the world’s quirkiest resumes to show businesses and job-seekers alike what the competition is like out there… As summer ends, so does silly season in business. At the start of September companies go back to business as usual. This includes hiring new talent. CVs get sent out left right and...

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5 Common WordPress Issues Nailed

26 Aug. 2014

The world ‘hearts’ WordPress, but there are occasions when the publishing platform won’t play ball. Here’s what to do when you’re having WordPress problems… As the platform underpinning millions of websites, WordPress’s success is easy to understand. This flexible publishing tool is completely free to use, and its open-source architecture enables it to be tailored around numerous individual criteria....

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Need a Friday Pick-me-up?

22 Aug. 2014Busy business owners don’t always have time to treat their bodies like temples. Luckily, there are apps that can do it for them… Maybe mobile phones should be renamed digital assistants – after all, they never leave our side, and we can customise them to help out with all sorts of tasks. Increasingly, this includes...

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Tackling Packet Loss

22 Aug. 2014

If you’re experiencing jittery video and gaps in your online audio, you might need to tackle packet loss… As discussed in our introductory article, digital communications are typically dispatched in separate parcels of data that each follow different paths to their destination device or terminal. That means each packet is at risk of various technical...

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Is The 9 to 5 Dead?

22 Aug. 2014

Are telecommuting and virtual working the future of business? Modem. Pager. Floppy disk. A decade ago, all these terms were on the cutting edge of technology. Now they’re extinct. If experience has taught us anything, it’s that technology is a … Continue reading

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Promoting Domains Out of the Box

21 Aug. 2014What have frozen yogurt and women’s shoes got to do with domain sales? As a reseller, you live and breathe domains from nine to five, at least. So it may come as a surprise to you to discover the rest of the world might not be up to your speed yet. Depending on which survey you read, … Continue reading

Addressing Gender Balance in Business

21 Aug. 2014

UK2 talks to company CEO Amanda Boyle about smashing the glass ceiling and making sure it stays smashed… It’s been more than a century since the first women were allowed to study at university and forty years since the first woman became the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. However, although, there are more women...

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The Power Play

21 Aug. 2014

VPS introduces a new Power Pack, which lets you unleash the power of the cloud... Nobody likes surprises when it comes to computing. That’s why VPS.NET has created the Power Pack. This intuitive new feature takes the traditional concept of … Continue reading

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